“Simplicity is the
ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo Da Vinci


Trained as a General Surgeon in the UK, and a practising consultant in the NHS since 2009, I share my love for surgery and public health with a passion for the artistry required to bring balance and harmony to a face through aesthetic treatments

dr-susana cuidado de la piel

I believe beauty resides fundamentally in good skin nourished from the inside, and a life lived with love. But for those of us who feel more hydrated and defined lips, a softer profile or more definition to our natural features can make us feel better, I believe aesthetic medicine can add to achieve that little bit of extra confidence that some of us lack.

Always from a scientifically, ethical and professionally sound approach, starting with a full medical history, and examination of your face and a staged plan. Informed consent and joint decision making, to design a personalised treatment and ensure you are clear about the treatment and the expectations, is at the core of how I do it.

With 30 years’ experience as an NHS surgeon in the UK, my approach makes patient safety my upmost priority.

I started training in aesthetics over 10 years ago, with some of the best practitioners in the UK, including the famous Consultant Clinic ® and the Harley Academy®, and in Spain with the amazing Dr Carla Barber.


I have honed my skill, researched different products, and now carved a technique combining what I have learnt throughout the years and from the different amazing people who have taught me.

Saying no to overdone results, keeping it simple and natural for the best results

I co-founded a platform for Functional Medicine in the UK, Health Architects, which has helped many patients over the last few years.
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Susana Díaz

Offering the benefits of an English speaking doctor for the expat population in Malaga and the Costa del Sol, bringing an international approach, an addition to the flourishing and amazing specialty of aesthetic medicine in Spain

Susana Díaz


MBBS Universidad Complutense, Madrid.
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, trained in General and Transplantation Surgery in London and Oxford, practising Consultant in London since 2009
Master in Surgical Science, Imperial College
Master in Health Policy, London School of Economics
Diploma in Laparoscopic Surgery, University of Strasbourg
Certification in Applied Functional Medicine to Clinical Practice, The Institute of Functional Medicine
Licensed to practise in the UK (GMC number 4058887) and in Spain (Colegiado numero 292846513).